Road Opener Ritual with Abre Camino

The Jagged Path

Road Opener Ritual with Abre Camino

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Does it feel as if, no matter what you do or how hard you try, things just won't/don't change? Do you feel stuck? Are you losing hope?⠀

From bad relationships to dead-end jobs, everyone feels this way from time to time. The trick is not to accept it as a way of life. Oftentimes, this can be easier said than done.⠀

Perhaps you've exhausted all your options; you've put in all the resumes and compromised more times than you can count. Sometimes, the blockages in our way are not even recognized. Perhaps you're reading this and saying, "Bobbi, I've done all I can do! I cannot give anymore!" If this is you-- if you feel that you're at the end of your rope, and you've accepted what is, for all that ever will be, a Road Opener might be just the thing for your situation.⠀

This ritual uses an herb, called Abre Camino, which translates to 'road opener' or 'opening road'. It's purpose is to open paths & roads, so that what you want can be achieved, rather it's success, good fortune, abundance, good health, money, love, promotions, etc. I perform this work to change unfavorable conditions to favorable ones. To remove blockages in your way, unlock pathways, & open doors to opportunity.⠀

I look forward to helping you achieve all that you deserve. 

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