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Rue Water (Ruta Graveolens) Cleansing

The Jagged Path

Rue Water (Ruta Graveolens)

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Rue Water (Ruta Graveolens)

In Conjure, Rue Water is utilized for love, protection, money, and luck.

You might have heard Rue called Witchbane, Queen-of-Grace, or Ruda.

Rue has a lengthy history of both mundane and magical use. It has been used for everything from keeping pests away to cleansing sacred grounds. At one point, because of Rue’s ability to keep pests and illnesses away, it was thought to repel Witches as well, hence the term Witchbane. However, we now recognize its ability to simply ward off evil.

Rue water is used as holy water for cleansing of sacred grounds and buildings, for cleansing your personal ritual space before beginning any spell work, and to fend off harmful energy. It can be used to break hexes/jinxes, and for inviting and maintaining positive energy. Use Rue to bless and anoint your ritual tools.

Rue grows in the most beautiful green and yellow colors; is it any wonder that it is associated with optimism and abundance? Rue is an unrivaled ally for so many reasons.

Add a little Rue water to your floor wash to invite prosperity. Add to your bath water before buying your lottery ticket or heading to the casino! Anoint all your paper money to help draw in additional funds. Anoint yourself with a drop of Rue water before that upcoming job interview.

The Rue used for this water was carefully selected from my own personal, Witch’s Garden, and it was created during the most beneficial day and hour, in order to enhance the plant’s properties. Each bottle will be placed upon my altar and blessed before being sent out for its intended purpose.



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