Savory Hot Cocoa
Savory Hot Cocoa
Savory Hot Cocoa

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Savory Hot Cocoa

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The perfect blend of organic Cocoa and spices, if I do say so myself. I've worked on this blend for a while now, determined to get the balance just right.

The final product is a rich, organic cocoa with sugar and holiday spices- Cocoa, sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, & cloves. Not too sweet, but just sweet enough--perfect for grown up's taste buds.

This isn't a packet of cheap chocolate powder like you grab at the grocery store. This is real, organic Cocoa. It has substance. When you add hot liquid to it, it doesn't just dissolve; you truly have to stir to mix it and incorporate it into the liquid. This is classy cocoa!

Heat your milk of choice in a small saucepan to just below boiling, add your desired amount of Cocoa and spice mix, and stir!! Now stir some more. Breathe in the aroma--feel the anticipation grow for that first taste. If you like cream or a peppermint stick (or some schnapps--no judgement) in your hot cocoa, now is the time to add it! I highly recommend tasting it before adding anything additional; I think you'll find it doesn't need anything!

Now, go ahead and take that first sip. Savory, warming, comforting, delightful -- you'll think you're holding a very expensive mug of Cocoa, but even better than that-- YOU made it! 

Find yourself a comfortable place to sit -- in front of a fireplace is simply divine -- and enjoy your creation. Take a deep breath and release slowly. Relax and enjoy. 

Same time, same place tomorrow? See you there.



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