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Scarlett Belle Flying Ointment
Scarlett Belle Flying Ointment

The Jagged Path

Scarlett Belle Flying Ointment

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This is an impassioned Flying Ointment. Amanita Muscaria (Fly Agaric) and Atropa Belladonna find themselves intertwined, their movements synchronized and melded by Poppy, then polished by the synergy of  Wormwood (absinthium). Finally, seeds from the celery plant offer up a bit of spice and exclusive, erotic energy to the table, before the more subtle and sensual aspects take over, finishing with a rhythmic and intoxicating experience, one won't soon forget.

This Ointment is wonderful to use while mixing up any herbal blend you might be working on, working rituals, or for listening to the intuition offered by the plants, and what lessons they want you to learn before seeing off into the world.

As with all my products, the Baneful plant materia in this Ointment was organically grown by The Jagged Path. This pre-order will begin shipping on September 7. This was created in small batch formula and will be tested and cleansed/charged upon my altar before being sent to you.

This ointment is for the experienced practitioner, and should only be purchased my those who have tried either/or my Fly Agaric Ointment or Venefic Unguent ointment. 



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