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Spirit and Transformation Flying Ointment

The Jagged Path

Spirit and Transformation Flying Ointment

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Limited release: specialty ointment—only 1 batch made

This Flying Ointment truly focuses on the “flying” aspect. Rather than the normal oils, this ointment contains the much more traditional, Goose Fat. (Ethically sourced, of course)

The Goose epitomizes the mystery of transformation through their yearly migration. They seamlessly shift formation, opening new pathways, reminding us that as any one of us creates our own path, it becomes easier for others to do so as well. Goose reminds us that we shouldn't avoid any quest in life, simply because we don't have a full view of what it entails. She reflects an ability to move forward or backward. Goose reflects movement and a call to the spiritual quest. Goose speaks of the fulfilled promised that great quests bring.

“But what if I fall?” “Oh, but what if you fly?!”

Goose Medicine represents wisdom, inspiration, joy, questing, and beginnings. Goose tells you when change is about to take place.

Goose speaks of the Winter Solstice and the fullness of Grandmother Moon. They know the power of the lunar time and the telling of tales that color the minds of children painting the way for vivid dreams and reflections. Being of both land and air she can use her voice to summon you to other worlds and signal a time for journey work. She will teach the focus of shamanic flight and understanding the grey areas of the space in between. She is strongly connected to spirit flight.

Goose is considered a messenger of good news; an emblem of inspiration, light, and seasonal change. Her magical attributes include new beginnings, wisdom, happiness, freedom, eloquence, learning, and inspiration. The Goose is a bird with an ancient mythology and a mixture of symbolism.

As this ointment is made with the more ancient, traditional Goose, it also encompasses plant material from some of the most ancient flying ointment recipes. As with my last limited ointment, I created this for ritual purposes, making it a potent, entheogenic formulation. This ointment is not intended for anyone unfamiliar with Baneful plants and their personal response to the external application of these plants. This is not a “starter” flying ointment.

Some elements in this ointment include—Monkshood, Poppy Seed, tincture of Wormwood, Cinquefoil, Stramonium, Hellebore flowers, Tobacco leaves, Oak wood ash, and a touch of Hemlock.

All the plant materia included in this ointment was organically grown by The Jagged Path. They were harvested under a full moon, allowed to naturally dry until the Dark Moon, then mixed with the oils and allowed to infuse for 4 full moon cycles, then strained and made into this beautiful ointment. I have poured 12 jars of this limited run ointment; I only made one batch, and I will not be making more.

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