Threshold Tincture for Gender Dysphoria

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Threshold Tincture for Gender Dysphoria

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This tincture is geared specifically towards gender dysphoria. I felt that Pride Month was the perfect time to release it.

Gender dysphoria refers to the strong discomfort or distress often caused by a discrepancy between a person's gender identity and their biological sex assigned at birth, according to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders – Fifth Edition. Gender dysphoria worsens as those experiencing it grapple with expected social gender roles and sex characteristics that do not align with, or reflect, their internal sense of gender identity.

One analogy says that gender is a lot like a pair of shoes If you have on a good, comfortable, well fitting pair, you don’t notice it or think about it. As you walk around you aren’t constantly thinking about your shoes and the comfort, it’s just there and fine and normal and it doesn’t concern you one single bit. It’s almost hard to notice because if they feel fine, it seems silly and unimportant to spend energy thinking about it. But if your shoes are too small and tight or there is a rock in them, it’s all you can think about. Every step is annoying and miserable and you don’t want to do anything else, until you fix this damned rock. Doing anything else seems crazy until your shoes stop hurting you.

Now, imagine going through life--day in and day out--with that damned rock in your shoe.

Gender dysphoria manifests early in childhood and can persist for years before patients undergo counseling and treatment, a Cedars-Sinai study has found. The findings also reveal that untreated gender dysphoria can result in poor quality of life for transgender people, beginning in childhood and lasting throughout adolescence and adulthood. This study revealed that 73% of the transgender women and 78% of the transgender men first experienced gender dysphoria by age 7. (I think these numbers are low)

National data states that on average, Transgender women lived  27.1 years and transgender men 22.9 years before they began social transition and/or hormonal therapy treatments. However, personally, I know of minor children who, with the amazing support of those who love them, and of adults who were 38 years old (and older) before beginning any official transition or hormonal therapy. Some people never have the needed support or ability to live their own truth.

This can be preceded by years of gender dysphoria; looking in the mirror and feeling as if what you see on the outside doesn't match what you feel on the inside. Like being shocked into a consciousness that feels wrong — that you have somehow woken up where you should not be; in a body that you don't belong in.

The common denominator of dysphoria is distress. Much like depression, the experience itself is incredibly individual. The hurt is what’s shared, but where that hurt resides, and what relieves that hurt, can only be articulated by each person. It’s not necessary to quantify, measure, or boil down to a graph to know it’s there.

Your body is telling you something is wrong, but there’s no obvious physical threat, and so your mind races to find something to match the sensation, to validate it. A common therapeutic suggestion is to pick out five things you can see, four things you can touch, three things you can hear, two things you can smell, and one thing you can taste to help calm your mind.

Therapy and exercises are great. Support systems are great. 

I have created this tincture for the days when you need a little extra healing and protection from those hurtful projections. It offers a grounding affect, holds you up, and reminds you of your inner power and strength. This tincture helps you relax into yourself, beckoning you back into your own body, while quieting your mind. It will stand proudly and strongly by your side, offering you that extra support on the days that you need it most. Then, when you're able, it will clear the Threshold, supporting you as you go out and kick ass!

As with all my products, this gluten-free formula was created in a small batch to assure potency and freshness. This is a proprietary blend containing Tulsi, Blue Vervain, and Ghost Pipe essence, among others.

“These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Sold as Curio only."



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