Transverse Unguent w/Datura

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Transverse Unguent w/Datura

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Traverse Unguent

Datura and Arnica Ointment

A delightful blend for pain, including but not limited to deep tissue, muscle pain, joint pain, sports injuries, arthritis, and headaches, in addition to depression, anxiety, & insomnia.

Energetic properties: blossoming in the moonlight, a single, sweet-smelling drop of nectar, Datura is a catalyst with the ability to balance us amid the poles of light and dark, a reminder that these planes mirror each other.

As a spiritual aid, Datura eases our voyage through the energetic and emotional boundaries, offering us the personal strength needed to release that which is no longer serving us. Whether you need to find peace in death, an ending of sorts, or if you desire to encourage space for a renewal to bloom, this blend can surely aid you in your goals.

Oftentimes, we carry memories within ourselves that would be better released. Even though we know we need to let go of these outdated narratives that trap us in the past, connections and undercurrents that no longer encourage our growth, but rather weakens or casts a dark hue on our current situation, it can be really damn hard to let go of those toxic habits and patterns. Introspection leaves us naked—cold--barren.

Employing Datura into these types of journeys welcomes genuine, supportive clarity, and a calm that can only be felt after the release of harmful habits and patterns; after releasing the weight of what no longer gives us vital purpose or directs us towards our ultimate goals.

With this Datura, I have created a daring, fierce unguent of the underworld. It teaches us how to open our innermost recesses, and recognize what we need to rid ourselves of, in order to create the best version of ourselves. This unguent makes a delightful ritual tool and lends a helping, supportive, encouraging hand during shadow work. It is beautifully complimented by my Datura flower essence.

With the addition of Arnica and Rosemary, this unguent can reduce pain, bruising, and minor swelling, ease muscle and joint pain, soothe inflammation, and assuage rigidity brought on by arthritis or minor injuries. These powerhouse herbs enhance the pain-relieving power of this unguent and stimulate circulation.

Datura is helpful for headaches, insomnia, stress, rheumatism, new and old bone injuries, deep tissue bruising and/or bruising of bones, bone on bone injuries, arthritis, carpal tunnel, as well as joint and tendon issues. It also aids with depression and anxiety and helps to calm frayed nerves. A slightly larger dosage can be used to experience Datura’s sedative and/or aphrodisiac properties.

All of the plant materia in this unguent has been òrgαñìçally grown by The Jagged Path. They were planted, harvested, and prepared under the most beneficial moon phase. As with all my products, this unguent has been prepared in small batches to ensure freshness and potency. I test each batch of product, then cleanse and charge them upon my altar, before ever offering to you. The final product is vegan and cΓúεlty/gluten-free.

In addition to your ointment, you will receive a usage/storage suggestion card. Following these suggestions, this unguent should be shelf stable for a minimum of three years.

“These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Sold as Curio only."
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