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Unguento Verde (witches flying ointment) vegan
Unguento Verde (witches flying ointment) vegan

The Jagged Path

Unguento Verde (witches flying ointment) vegan

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Vegan Unguento Verde-- witches flying ointment-- up and out, and off to nowhere.

“In the dark of night they meet in a forest clearing.

One by one they smother a foul ooze upon one anothers naked bodies.

They dance in ecstasy as the poison goo seeps into their bloodstream.

As the drums and rattles overwhelm the senses, their bodies become lighter than air as they touch off the ground and lift into the night sky.

Soaring between the stars, they take their flight to the sabbat gathering and enact their witchery…”

Traditional “flying” herbs like Datura, Belladonna, Henbane, and Mandrake, in small doses applied externally, have an entheogenic (psychoactive substance that induces a spiritual experience), or hallucinogenic, effect on the human psyche.

This unguent is the set of fingers that parts the veil between this world and the next. It serves as a sort of skeleton key between your conscious brain and your uninhibited, unconscious self.

This ointment contains the powerhouse, Solanaceae properties of Datura Inoxia, Atropa Belladonna, Mandrake, and Black Henbane, as well as organic, Candelilla wax, ethically sourced poplar buds, and organic sunflower oil, making it extremely beneficial for bodily ailments, as well.

Solanaceae relieves chronic pain, joint pain, nerve pain, muscle spasms and cramps, anxiety, issues with sleep, and can aid in restoring lost libido.

Plant material(s) has been grown, harvested, and prepared by me, in the traditional manner.

My ointments are made beneath the power of a full moon, ritually prayed over and blessed with palo santo.

Do not use this ointment in addition to any medicines containing atropine. Do not use if you have liver, heart, or kidney issues, or if you have glaucoma. Do not allow this ointment to come into contact with mucous membranes. Keep away from pets and children.

Full effects can take up to 2 hours after application. 30 ml of this product. Shelf life is up to 5 years after purchase.

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14 April 2021
United States United States
I recommend this product
Immense Gratitude

Feel “Blessed” to have found these products. Tried several, going to try many more of them! They are the real deal! Legit, authentic, real medicines that do what they say they do; potent remedies ~ they work! Outstanding quality, skills & knowledgeability. What a Beautiful gift you have, Bobbi. “Have Immense Gratitude” for your service, work, care, kindness, generosity of spirit and products. They are all so good!!! Unguento Verde Ointment? The teaching, the smoothness aligning one to the whole, taking away any discomfort in the body mind and spirit is a delight. Thank You! Thank You, Love!

11 January 2021
leslie P.
United States United States
I recommend this product
i love all these products

i have tried a few of your ointments.they are all very well crafted and effective, i have a couple favorites. the mandrake ointment is amazing and i absolutely love the unguento verde ointment. useful for meditation and great for helping with insomnia. thank you for creating such beautiful products love. i am a repeat customer and will be a lifelong customer. thank you again. blessings

08 January 2021
United States United States
I recommend this product
Amazing medicine!

I have been using this balm and the blissful euphoria tincture together to help facilitate my ritual work and meditation. It definitely provides a gentle shift in consciousness and an awareness of the plant teachers that is evident. What I did not expect is the great help it has been in treating migraines that I suffer from monthly. I carry both these medicines with me constantly, just in case I need them, and I am so grateful I found this amazing business! I will absolutely be using all of the products I ordered, as well and getting more in the future. Thank you so much for the powerful gifts you have given me!

31 December 2020
United States United States
I recommend this product
Very Effective!

I'd never used flying ointments before and I didn't know what to expect, so I bought a sample pack to try a few out and see which one was most effective for me, and to determine what they actually do physiologically. I found this traditional flying ointment recipe to be very fast acting and extremely potent. I felt my consciousness being altered within about 30 minutes and it lasted for maybe two hours or so. The other ointments I tried also altered consciousness and had their own "personalities", but this ointment provided the most significant change in perception of those that I've experienced thus far.



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