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Venefic Unguent

The Jagged Path

Venefic Unguent

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Venefic Unguent

Special release, limited edition unguent - only 20 poured.

Hellebore is associated with Mars and Saturn and corresponds to the element of water. It is used in magic for healing of mental/emotional afflictions and for banishing and exorcisms. It has also been used for increasing intelligence and for protection and invisibility spells. 

Hellebore was traditionally used as a cure for poisoning of livestock and was considered by the ancient Greeks to be a cure for insanity. It was also used as a powerful purgative.

Henbane is used to communicate with the dead and other spirits and for binding spells. Henbane is said to be another favorite of the faeries.

Poppies have a long history with both love and death. One lore tells us that Demeter turned a once lover into a poppy upon his death. Hypnos, the God of Dreaming and Sleep, oftentimes carried a poppy stalk or poppy juice. Some Native American tribes utilized the leaves of the California Poppy for its sedative properties. Poppy seeds are, interestingly, also used in food preparation.

Poppy is considered feminine in action and resonates to the energy of the moon and the element of water. It is suitable for rituals involving Hypnos, Thanatos, Somnus, Nyx, Demeter, Persephone and for offerings to the dead, particularly those who died in battle. Poppies are considered useful in spells for fertility, agriculture, abundance, love, sleep, money, luck, and invisibility.

Brugmansia, closely related to Datura, is treasured for its trance-inducing and divination properties. The leaves allow one to see their true reality. I have used my white Brugmansia for this special ointment. White Brugmansia is serpentine like in nature. She is seductive, transformative, and healing. She has proven to be highly protective of her Witch, especially those growing at my entryways. I attribute this to her apotropaic nature.

Brugmansia helps those among us brave enough, to face and maneuver our personal nightmares and teaches us to face our fears. It is also a very powerful addition to love spells; helpful in seducing and ensnaring lovers.

Yew is associated with the planets Saturn and Jupiter and with the Goddess Hekate. Yew is a faerie plant and one of those plants that has a long association with Witches. Yew is associated with death and rebirth. Yew is associated with divination and astral travel and anything that relates to communication or travel between realms. It is loved by Witches for its ability to link us to the Underworld and is considered sacred.

Wolfsbane is associated with Saturn and Mars, the Fire element, and Hekate. Historically, it has been used to protect homes and in magical workings related to transformation and shapeshifting. It is commonly used in sympathetic magic. Wolfsbane is also believed to aid the Witch in invisibility.

Wormwood works to stimulate the mind and is used primarily for banishing and protection spells.

Throughout the occult world, the act of flying is not as important as what the flying signifies; the soul's breaking free of the bonds of earth and soaring into the cosmos, assessing realms that others reach only through death. Flying is a transcendent experience, a flight of the spirit.

This ointment was ritually blessed and consecrated in the name of Hekate and Anubis, for use with workings of spirit flight, prophecy, and spirit communication. It will begin shipping 2-13-2021.

Mystical flight and necromancy are active practice by many modern witches. This unguent consists of plants & herbs referenced in historical reports of witches flying ointments for both flight and spirit work

Artwork credit C. Dougherty



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