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The Jagged Path

Wild Earth Cider {VEGAN}

Wild Earth Cider {VEGAN}

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Wild Earth Cider

This is a spin on my more traditional, §møk£ Fire Cider.

I love the versatility of Fire Cider. Traditionally most popular during the colder months, this cider has the beneficial addition of spring/summer Therapeutic plants and roots.

-Black pepper is an amazing digestive aid, and adds less heat than the more traditional jalapeno or reaper peppers, allowing more of the remaining flavors to linger on the pallet. It also makes the other ingredients more bio-available. This cider will knock your socks off---in a good way!!

-Dandelion Root is a wonderful digestive and intestinal health aid. It also helps with skin issues and muscle/joint complaints. Dandelion is beneficial as a digestive and blood toner.

-Burdock Root serves as a digestive aid, a diuretic, and is a kickass antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. It adds a beautiful, woodsy flavor to this cider.

-Chicory Root is a natural prebiotic, helping to improve gut health, regulate blood sugar, and contains antioxidants. It can also support weight loss.

-Orange Peel contains a good amount of polyphenols that protect against several diseases. They boast anti-cancerous properties, due to the presence of limonene.

-Ginger is used to treat arthritis, muscle pain, upset stomach (motion and morning sickness and general nausea), gas, upper respiratory tract infections, and cough. A warming herb that is also good for digestion.

–Lemons are known to aid in digestion, alleviate Meniere’s Disease, kidney stones, and ringing of the ears, cure scurvy (chronic lack of Vitamin C), treat colds and flu, improve the function of blood vessels, and reduce inflammation and retention of water.

–Turmeric is known to delay liver damage, reduce carcinogenic compounds in other foods, make cancer cells more vulnerable to chemo and radiation, inhibit the growth of malignant melanoma and breast cancer, alleviate arthritis symptoms and skin conditions.

–Raw apple cider vinegar (not plain old cider vinegar!) is known to be a good source of acetic and ascorbic acid (Vitamin C), mineral salts, amino acids, and other key components of good nutrition, but it is also a well-loved folk remedy thought to ease digestion, fight obesity and diabetes, wash toxins from the body, kill lice, and reverse aging.

And now, the best part--this cider is VEGAN and GLUTEN-FREE!!

Sweetened with pure maple syrup and unsulphured molasses, this cider is both Vegan and Gluten-free. It contains no artificial preservatives, flavors, or colors.

Molasses is a slowly absorbed source of sugar, meaning it will not cause a blood sugar spike. It is also rich in minerals and vitamins.

Maple Syrup is antioxidant rich and doesn't cause a sugar spike like traditional honey can. The flavor adds a mellow richness.

This cider is also full of vitamins and minerals, anti-fungal, anti-viral, and makes a great, non-narcotic cough suppressant and throat soother.

This cider can be taken daily as an immunity booster, and is fabulous as a dressing for cooked greens or in salad dressings.

A tablespoon is recommended as a daily boost. Try Wild Earth Cider straight from the bottle; with juices‚ soda water‚ or tea, or in a fierce Hot Toddy.

Each batch of my Wild Earth Cider "brews" for a minimum of 4 weeks, to ensure a full infusion of all herbs and plant material.

*Presented for educational purposes; sold as a curio only. Statements not reviewed by the FDA; per FDA’s requirement, item is not intended for human consumption. Information not meant to take the place of medical advice. *
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