Witchs Ebony Salt Ritual

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Witch's Ebony Salt

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Black salt is a powerful ritual component used in removing jinxes. Black salt can be used in mojo bags or spell jars to repel curses, negativity, and hexes. It represents the Earth element in shadow work, new moon, and Dark Goddess workings.

Containing witch-grown Rosemary, this salt can be used to drive away evil forces. It should be used to protect you, your belongings, and your property. 

Witch's salt repels jealousy and slander, directing it back to it's origin. It absorbs gossip, grouchiness, and anger. 

Black salt is powerful psychic protection, perfect for divination and centering rituals. It is a powerful component of any arsenal of protective magic.

I have ritually prepared this salt in the old tradition, using only the finest salt and traditional protective herbs, along with incense-charcoal ashes and scrapings from my cast iron cauldron. Always prepared and charged in small batches, under the power of the dark moon.

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